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HL City has changed the concept of living in Bahadurgarh with provision of world class housing, amenities and facilities, all within the gated community.

Strategically located on the Bahadurgarh bypass, the location provides multiple advantages, be it commuting to Delhi or a desire for peaceful living in the green expenses with pristine beauty unmatched in the NCR. The additions of international badminton academy, heated indoor pool, biggest gym in the country, a running and cycling track within the gated and secure environment makes it an un paralleled marvel in urban living.

Offcourse not to rest on its laurels, HL City is about to witness exponential growth with upcoming biggest Mall of Bahadurgarh boasting of an in house cinema, hotel, fun n frolic, eating joints and commercial outlets. The aspiring residents can hope for their dream homes at affordable price in ‘about to be launched’ affordable housing multistory apartments.

“Initially I was not sure about Bahadurgarh. Moment I saw, I was surprised to see the location and the infrastructure . I invested the same day. ”
– Rahul Agarwal
“Bahadurgarh surprised me. Avenue 37,HL City, is at a prime location. It is beautiful and also complete environment is very promising. Gurgaon and Delhi, both are comfortably accessible.”
Gaurav Kapoor, 40 years, Entreprenuer
“Bahadurgarh is the next most balanced city coming up. Education , Industry , Medical , Residential , Sports ... it was great to see a developing city. A place worth investing. It’s surely going to be beyond reach soon..”
– Dr. Ravish Pande 48 years
“Companies are shifting at a very fast pace to this part of the city. Bahadurgarh , specially HL City is one of the most desired property. ”
– Kamal Kapoor Businessman
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